Annual Furnace Maintenance
Tired of paying top dollar for the latest new hire from the big heating and gas companies?  When you call Flamborough Gas & Oil you're dealing with the same experienced professional every time.  Get old fashioned care and attention at a fraction of the price the big guys charge.  Compare and save!
Home Service Call
Flat Rate Services
Includes: 45 minutes of troubleshooting, diagnostics and any service not covered by a flat rate service (described in the next section below).  Fuses, small sections of replacement wire and clips are all included.  We'll find the problem!
Service Hours: This fee applies to all residential calls scheduled during normal business hours 8 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday - holidays excluded.
Service Area: Any location within a 30km radius of Flamborough Ontario. 
- A complete furnace maintenance for much less than the big companies charge.
- Determine burner efficiency with full combustion analysis.
- Test and inspect all safety devices.
- Check immediate area for carbon monoxide infiltration.
- Check and adjust gas pressure and check for leaks.
- Clean, adjust and lubricate circulating fan motor.
- Scope heat exchange for corrosion or cracks.
- Clean vestibule and burners.
- Check for CO emissions in immediate area during operation.
- Confirm ignition sequence response and thermostat call for heat.
- Oil furnace maintenance add $100.